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With the CONTOUR® NEXT portfolio, there’s an easy and highly accurate meter to meet many diabetes management needs.

All CONTOUR® NEXT meters offer the same easy-to-use features

  • Second-Chance sampling allows you to apply more blood to help prevent wasting a test strip
  • No Coding technology eliminates errors due to user miscoding
  • Fast test time: 5-second countdown
  • Small blood sample: 0.6 μL
  • All CONTOUR® NEXT meters use the same test strip — CONTOUR® NEXT test strips

All CONTOUR® NEXT systems provide high accuracy

  • Proprietary mediator: provides increased stability for high accuracy
  • MultiPulse technology: evaluates the sample multiple times through 7 pulses
  • Advanced algorithm: corrects signals from various sources of error, including temperature, hematocrit, and user technique

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Which meter is right for you?
Are you someone who:
  • has type 2 diabetes?
  • uses insulin or medication?
  • seeks a simple testing
  • wants more from
    your meter?
Key features you might like:
  • Easy-to-use menu based navigation
  • Simple on-screen messages with plain language
  • Easy to achieve highly accurate results
  • Advanced features like meal markers and HI/LO
Are you someone who:
  • has type 1 or type 2 diabetes?
  • tests frequently?
  • uses insulin?
  • wants to track your
    blood glucose trends?
Key features you might like:
  • A more complete and highly accurate electronic logbook
  • The option to digitally share information with your
    healthcare professional
  • The ability to log your insulin and carbohydrate
  • Built-in GLUCOFACTS® DELUXE diabetes
    management software
Are you someone who:
  • was recently diagnosed?
  • has type 2 diabetes?
  • wants an easy testing
  • needs help applying the
    right amount of blood
    to your strip?
Key features you might like:
  • No setup requirements
  • Ready to test right out of the box
  • Easy-to-read display
  • Sip-In® Sampling helps you get the right
    amount of blood on your first try
Are you someone who:
  • uses insulin?
  • tests frequently?
  • uses a Medtronic insulin
  • wants to synchronize
    your meter with
    your pump?
Key features you might like:
  • Wireless communication with Medtronic insulin
    pumps for seamless integration
  • Optimized insulin delivery made easy
  • Allows for fast and easy bolus dosing and continuous
    glucose monitoring calibration
  • Pass-through feature allows for easy downloading
    to CareLink® software